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The Theatre Zealot

...suck it, ALW.

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This is a community for the more intensive theatre enthusiast. We look so far beyond Les Mis, Phantom, and Rent that they are only in rearview. However, if you crave Sondheim, Schwartz, Brown, Weill, Kander and Ebb, Coleman, Lippa, LaChiusa, Lerner and Lowe, Finn... Bat Boy, Pippin, St. Louis Woman, ...Forum, Parade, Fields of Ambrosia, etc. etc. ... you're in the right place.

Oh, we also understand that "Broadway" includes straight theatre, and that Off-Broadway and Off-Off-Broadway often boast the best pieces up for public consumption.

We're not snobs; we're knowledgable, goddammit!

...okay. We're snobs. Don't you want to be a snob, too? :)

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