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Everybody Wants To Do A Musical

Hey kids... I hope all are well.

A couple of months back I asked who might be interested in getting copies of a lost musical on CD. I got several responses and dutifully sent them out BUT only one person ever told me that they liked it or even listened to it.

I was hoping to start an Obscure/Lost Musicals of the Month Club, but if nobody's really interested I guess I'll just keep my collection to myself.

My collection exists because of the kindness of several people who opened their collections of rare materials to me years ago, and several continue to do so to this day.

So here's my query... Is ANYBODY out there interested in this?

If your answer is YES, please send a response to HAPPGOOD@AOL.COM

Also, I've had only ONE response to the latest Musicals Quiz at Broadway Cafe Society.

C'mon gang, it can't be that difficult, can it? 11 days left and $25.00 Amazon Gift Certificate!

Here's the link:


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